Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Gentlemen's Game

More commentary on the groove controversy. Nick Faldo says that in the spirit of the gentlemen's game of golf, the old Ping clubs probably shouldn't be used, stating instead that he wished there was a level playing field and everyone was playing with the same (meaning new) grooves.

Gee, was it a gentlemen's game that gave Tiger that twisted ruling at Bridgestone a few years ago when his ball went all the way over the clubhouse and it took them what 20 minutes to find it?

Bottom line on the groove thing - every player has the opportunity to play these Ping wedges. No one has an unfair advantage, and to me that says that the playing field is level. It wasn't like the USGA said only Phil could play them. In fact, there are other players who are playing these older clubs. Jim Nantz has gone that far in his comments, but I haven't heard which players yet. I may have to google that later.

Who was it who had that line "don't hate the player, hate the game"? I think it might have been a pro wrestler but I'm sure others have also said it. I think it fits in this circumstance. It isn't about Phil. It's about the rules.

A personal note: I like that Phil used the word "slandered" in an interview after his round today on the CBS coverage.

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