Monday, January 25, 2010

A Good Win on the PGA Tour

Bill Haas won the Bob Hope Classic today. This was his first win on the PGA Tour and a noteworthy one as his dad also won this event over 20 years ago. I always like it when there's a first time winner, and I know a lot of golf fans have been wanting Bill Haas to come through on the PGA Tour.

I do feel bad for Tim Clark. Apparently the so-called experts are going to be questioning his decision to lay up on the 18th for a while. In my opinion it wasn't the lay-up that was the problem, it was the missed putt that followed. Or maybe it was some shot earlier in the day that made him need that birdie on 18 to get to -30? You can't really lay the blame on any one shot.

It was also nice to hear and see Judy Rankin on the Golf Channel's coverage. Nice to know they've hired a real pro to cover the golf. Yes, you can read between the lines there for some untyped comments about the quality of some of the Golf Channel's 'talent'.

I thought it was really touching to see Judy give Bill Haas a hug after she interviewed him. That was so sweet.

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