Friday, January 08, 2010

Current Discussion on the Golf Channel

They are talking about what the golfers can do to move the pga tour in a positive direction while Tiger is away. The focus of the discussion is golfers' personalities and what the golfers can do.

The big hole in this discussion is what can the media do. No one in this discussion is trying to accept any kind of responsibility for creating the Tiger-Focused golf coverage that is now hurting the PGA Tour. All they seem to be doing is blaming the golfers. Billy Ray just said that the players owe it to the Tour to let their personalities come out. What good would that do when all of the cameras are on Tiger? When all of the commentary is about Tiger? Henrik Stenson took off his pants for goodness' sake and now no one remembers that.

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Patricia Hannigan said...

Absolutely True!

Tiger Woods was quite dour and robotic, but was so exceptional that it didn't matter. He still touched people, bought in legions of fans and hooked the ensuing sponsors. However that created a culture of personality-less golfers perpetuated by the golf media who only focused on Tiger.

It culminated in Henrick Stenson's striptease and the fact that no one even noticed. It was like... you can't get arrested in this town if Tiger's here".

So I hope the press starts to show some interest other players.