Saturday, December 05, 2009

What Cowards

I was watching a few minutes of the Q-School coverage on the Golf Channel and they had a commercial about what was coming up on the Golf Channel this week. The narrator, Kelly Whatshername, said something like "On Tuesday, John Feinstein will address the biggest news in golf". She wouldn't even say "the latest on Tiger Woods" or anything like that. If it was John Daly, you know they would be repeating his name over and over again. But for Tiger, only the most discreet, hush-hush, whisper will do. If they are going to talk about him, then they need to forget about the money, the endorsements, the influence and address the newsworthy items that should be addressed. If what you do is determined by the power of others, then you might as well be on the payroll of those people. And you sure can't profess to having any objectivity.

Personally, in terms of the Golf Channel and reporting the news of the day, I think the Tiger Woods thing shouldn't be on the table unless he loses endorsements, has to pay fines, or will be absent from the Tour for some reason. Getting into all of the details isn't golf news and should be reserved for other venues.

But it's tough for the Golf Channel. If they talk about him, they make money because more people watch. But if they say the wrong thing, then Tiger won't be nice to them anymore. Wasn't there something about a tantrum he threw after Peter Kostis criticized his golf swing? He wouldn't talk to Kostis for years after that? No one has to worry about that now. I don't think Tiger will be saying anything for about a year. I'd say even Steve Williams is going to have to learn sign language if Tiger plays and needs yardage or club info.

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