Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Hope They Move Soon

I just read that Florida Childrens' Services stuck their nose into the Tiger Woods scandal by allegedly going to the Woods' home. Nothing I've seen or read suggests that the kids are in any danger - even Tiger's accident was not officially alcohol related, and I think it's just Florida politics at work (or maybe they hoped to take some pictures with their cell phones to sell to tabloids). I find it incredible that they would take time to harass the Woods family when there were plenty of reports a few years ago of Florida's state program employees actually losing children in the foster care program down there. I wonder if they have cleaned up their act yet as it usually takes years and years for a government to be overhauled. You have to wonder where these people were before the Casey Anthony story became a story about a child missing and being murdered.

I hope Tiger, Elin and the kids move soon and leave Florida. You couldn't pay me to live there. From the whole election trouble back in the Bush-Gore election to all of the missing kids/murdered kids down there, it just has a very bad reputation.

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