Friday, December 11, 2009

The Big News

I have to say a few things about Tiger's announcement regarding his indefinite break from golf.

1. He had 8 months or so away from golf after the US Open in 2008 and apparently that didn't help him focus on his family.

2. I might actually watch some US PGA Tour golf this year since he won't be around. I skipped most of the events last year because the announcers just won't shut up about him.

3. Golf needs to be Tiger Free in order to develop some new stars.

4. No matter what Tiger manages to accomplish during this break, it won't help his kids when they are old enough to Google their dad's name to see what comes up. Those poor kids are going to have problems for years.

1 comment:

Rental Property Management said...

Nobody's perfect. Somebody should give him another chance. He's a great golfer and he had said his peace. Let's just hope that healing follows soon with his family.