Friday, December 11, 2009

Expert Analysts

I was happily watching the replay of the Shark Shootout when it was interrupted by Rich Lerner and Tiger's latest announcement from his website in which he states he's taking an indefinite break from golf. Things were going fine until Kelly Whatshername had to participate. Rich asked her about the statement and speaking on the break from golf she said something like "I imagine that depends on how things go at home." My what brilliant insight! Thank goodness for that clarity on this issue because I thought it would depend on how well his stock portfolio was doing in the first quarter of next year. Not.

If people aren't going to actually add anything new to the news story, then they shouldn't be on the air. That was a waste of time.

I turned the channel to QVC to watch the annoying host stuff her face with Pot Stickers. Thank goodness Top Gear will be on soon.

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