Sunday, March 26, 2006

Final Round Thoughts

I was very happy to see Stephen Ames win. After the whole "9 & 8" bruhaha, it was good to see Stephen finish so far ahead of Tiger Woods.

What's with NBC Sports and their not wanting to show Sergio on TV? Sergio was paired with Mike Weir and NBC had no problem showing Mike Weir on TV even though his round wasn't as good as Sergio's. And at the beginning of today's coverage, they pointed out that Vijay was in second place going into the final round, but not a mention of Sergio who was at 8 under with Vijay. It's no wonder Sergio doesn't win the big tournaments. I mean he did everything but shoot an 80 today and he was on camera maybe three times. The media is so fickle.

Camilo Villegas did really well today and all week. At least the media puts him on tv. When are they going to start interviewing him though?


dave said...

Maybe it is the hair or no hair cut contest. No camera less pressure...

dave said...
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