Saturday, March 25, 2006

Round 3

Some notes:

1) No more ESPN Carl. Yay!

2) Hold on to your seats, I'm about to throw some support to Tiger Woods. I wholeheartedly applaud him for not letting the Florida hotels dictate his dog-traveling ways. According to NBC's coverage today, Tiger couldn't find a hotel in Florida who would let him bring his dog, so Tiger has to use his big yacht this week. Good for Tiger.

3) Sergio was right there one shot back for the whole first hour of NBC's coverage and they may have shown him twice. What's with that?

4) Adam Scott was supposed to have decided to cut his hair, but then changed his mind. Well, he shot an 82 in the third round, and it's been reported that whoever in the hair bet shoots an 80 has to get his head shaved. Wonder if that will happen? Wonder if Sergio was thinking a little about that as he played today.

5) Ian Poulter's thrashing of the rough. I haven't seen him have an outburst. That was new. At least he didn't cuss on camera like Tiger did.

6) Arron Oberholzer - it's good that he was playing well for most of the round. I think if he had held it together and not screwed up 17 and 18, then tomorrow he would have shot an 80 since you hardly ever see two really good rounds back to back. His little ricochet putt was pretty cool to watch.

7) The golf course is one of the toughest and one that creates some of the best competitive golf on tour and it's only about 7100 yards. Proof that this new trend of lengthening courses isn't necessary. Vijay said in a press conference that a person wouldn't necessarily even need to hit a driver on this course.

I was watching Bob Costas interview Sergio and I thought of a couple of questions I would have liked to ask him:
1. How many different outfits does he have to choose from?

2. Is it weird for him to see himself playing golf on tv and can he immediately tell what shot and what hole it is or does he have to look at the trees and stuff. (It seems to me it would be hard to tell what hole it is if all you see is him in the middle of a fairway.)

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