Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Footjoy Commercial

I just saw a Footjoy commercial allegedly with the sign guy and Ernie Els in a sauna/steam room. We could only see their legs and feet, and the footjoys of course. Personally, if they are going to show half naked men in a commercial, I think they should pick guys like Adam Scott, Sergio Garcia, Camillo Villegas, older guys like Faldo and Couples.

This leads me to a question I've had for a while: Why isn't there a 16 month calendar of golfers out there to buy? There are all kinds of 16 month calendars of golf courses, but courses would just be well manicured dog parks if it wasn't for the players who play them. Personally, I would prefer the golfers clothed if they were featured in a calendar, but they should have calendars available for purchase at Walmart and the like. If I can buy a whole 16 months of Orlando Bloom, I should be able to get 16 months of Fred Couples, Davis Love etc.

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