Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Mercedes Championships

The Golf Channel is ruining me. I never get on here an post anything now that I'm watching it all the time. Oh well, let's see what I think so far about the tournament.

Sergio Garcia is doing very well in this tournament. Hopefully he won't have any bad rounds today or tomorrow.

My favorites, Jason Gore and Brad Faxon, have fallen prey to my jinxing ability.

Even with all that wind, I would still rather be there than here. Here it's barely 40 degrees and we had snow flurries this morning.

So, did Tiger skip the tournament because his father isn't feeling well, or because he wanted more of an off season??? One of the announcers said Tiger's dad wasn't feeling well, but he also made excuses for the others who skipped (Retief, Phil, and Padraig) so I can't be sure if that was an excuse or if I should actually have a little feeling for Tiger this week.

Reportedly, Mark Calcavecchia text messaged Tiger and said something like "thanks for skipping this one, more money for me." At least that's what the announcers said. My question is this: How does one get Tiger's cell number to text message him? You would think with him being the most famous golfer currently out there, that would be a closely guarded secret. But players have his number? If this had been baseball, football, or basketball, every tabloid in the world would have Tiger's number by now. More proof of why golf is the best sport in the world.

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dave said...

Wow snow things, I would love to see that but not here. We do have ice on the cars this morning (30 degrees F right now) but the high today when we tee off is supposed to be 68 degrees.
I would think he would share his number with his friends like the rest of us do. I am sure there is a stiff message when he gives it out.