Saturday, January 28, 2006

3rd Round of the Buick Invitational

Sergio's making putts. I hope this continues. Rod Pampling also shares the lead. And Nathan Green is doing great.

A comment on the announcing - even before Sergio made it to 11 under, the announcers were already stating that Sergio, Tiger and Nathan Green would be in the final group. They were totally ignoring Rod Pampling who was still in contention. They continued to ignore him until around his second or third shot on the 18th. This blatant hyping of the event to the point of darn near lying is very unethical, I don't care how much money CBS makes by doing this. It's very hard to have respect for the announce team when they are pandering this much to the almighty dollar. If I wasn't already rooting for Sergio Garcia, I would be in Rod Pampling's corner tomorrow to show him some of the respect the announce team didn't show him today. Of course, Sergio will probably have a bad round tomorrow, so I might be rooting for Pampling anyway.

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