Sunday, January 29, 2006

Final Thoughts on the Invitational

CBS needs to work more on keeping the viewers informed. For about an hour and a half of the three hours of regulation play coverage, they forgot Sergio Garcia was even there. It's not like he fell back to 3 under or anything. He still had a chance all the way to the 18th, not that you would know it because CBS completely ignored him until there was no one else on the course to cover. I had to go online to get the scores because most of the time CBS would only show the first page of the leaderboard. They showed other golfers at 8 under, but not Sergio. It would be fitting if one day Dan Hicks turned to Jim Nantz and said "Sorry, Jim. I forgot you were there." These announcers need to concentrate more on reporting the news they have instead of trying to manufacture more sensational news that would bring them more advertising dollars.


Anonymous said...

Good point, good point. It's not like it was a nobody; it was Sergio, a very popular guy.

Miranda said...

They ignored Rod Pampling on Saturday too in an effort to contrive some sort of sensational story about newbie Nathan Green possibly playing with Tiger and Sergio in the final group on Sunday. The coverage of this tournament was less about fact and more about yellow journalism.

Polly said...

"sorry...forgot you were there"

ROFLMBFAO!!! see why i love you?