Monday, March 01, 2010

Olazabal and McGinley Health Concerns

I just read a column from a British Online News website that discussed Jose Maria Olazabal's and Paul McGinley's health problems and how they could impact their chances at captaining future Ryder Cup teams. Olazabal is apparently still battling tendonitis brought on by his rheumatism and Paul McGinley is recovering from a knee surgery. The idea being that the captain would be chosen because he has a close relationship to the players and these two wouldn't be on tour playing due to their injuries. I hope both recover and get back out on the course. The column also suggests that Colin Montgomerie would have a problem with Ian Poulter being on his Ryder Cup team since some people think they don't get along. I really think this Ryder Cup is going to go America's way. And I'm a true European Team fan.

I would provide a link to the column but it goes on to speculate on Tiger Woods and I'm not going to promote that. You all can google it and find the column if you want to read more.

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