Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great News!!!

No, not that news that was announced today on major tv networks.

I'm talking about the news I just read about Sergio Garcia. He's going to play the Greenbrier Classic this year! Yes indeed, Sergio's coming to WV!

Now, do I go to that tournament, somewhere I've never been and would undoubtedly get lost, or do I go to Bridgestone again?

I may not go anywhere if I can't get a dog sitter.

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Patricia Hannigan said...

Oh yes... you should go to WV... and maybe you will get lost but that's part of the fun. My sister & I had the best time last summer at the US Women's Open... We:

1. got lost (even with a GPS).
2. ran out of gas.
3. missed the last shuttle bus back to the university parking lot where we left our car.
4. had to hitch hike back to the lot on dark night in rural PA.

And Sergio wasn't even there. Yes, I think you should go... I'll let you know if I make it down there. ;o)