Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh Boohoo....

I just checked Twitter where I follow Camilo Villegas. He had a recent tweet that said he didn't understand - every other sport has an off season but he guessed golf didn't.

That was a 'you're kidding me' moment. I believe anyone who's involved with the playoffs probably won't be playing the fall series events. That seems like an off season to me. Also, I don't think there are a lot of PGA Tour events after the fall series. Looks like there's plenty of time to lounge around.

And think about it this way - If I don't take my vacation every year, do I then say the employer doesn't offer vacation leave? That's absurd. I get three weeks paid vacation a year. It's up to me to schedule it. The office just isn't going to shut down. No one is forcing Camilo to play the whole 21 weeks he played on the US PGA tour so far this year. That's out of a possible 36. Oh, the humanity - to be forced to work a whole 36 weeks a year!

And Camilo should talk to the ATP tennis players. They think their schedule is too demanding.

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