Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In and Out

I know it's been a while, but the US Open tennis tournament was going on and I had to watch that.

So, here's a golf related post. Who's in and Who's out on the Fed Ex Cup points list? I wrote down the top 30 before the playoffs began and I just checked the list of the top 30 going into the Tour Championship.

Who's Out (Name and number of events):
Sabbatini 22
Casey - injured
Rollins 24
R. Moore 24
T. Clark 21
Hoffman 24
Kim 21

Who's In:
Slocum 26
Harrington 19
Dufner 25
Verplank 23
Leishman 25
Els 18
Senden 27

So, that's really only a change of 5 golfers (Casey's impact excluded since his injury isn't a result of a points system kicking him out). I don't know if this points system is going to make a difference. I'll be convinced if anyone in the bottom five wins the Fed Ex Cup. I'll really be convinced if John Senden wins the Fed Ex Cup. He's #30 on the list.

But I'm not holding my breath for some exciting finish. Save that for the US Open tennis tournament and Juan Martin Del Potro and Kim Clijsters.

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