Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amateurs Only

According to this article from the Golf Channel, one proposed format for Golf in the Olympics is a field of the top 60 in the World Rankings playing a 72 hole stroke play event.

That would make it like any old tournament I could see on TV. These professionals already have tons of money. Should we use the Olympics as a vehicle to just give them more?

The spirit of the Olympics is to go farther, be stronger, and overcome all obstacles to achieve a miracle goal. Kind of hard to see a Tiger Woods battling and overcoming anything when he can hire top trainers, coaches, and travel folks to make him the best and can take about 35 weeks a year to train specifically for the 15 to 17 events a year he plays. Not like those Home Depot employees who have to work a shift at the Home Depot and train too.

It's bad enough that Olympic Tennis is open to pros as is basketball and who knows what else. Now golf may be going down that same path. The Olympics should be for amateurs. I can tell you this, if golf does make it into the Olympics in 2016 with a pros only format, I won't be watching it.

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