Friday, June 12, 2009

St. Jude

Jose Maria Olazabal did really well yesterday and was holding his own throughout the second round before it was halted for a weather delay. Unfortunately, I think the Golf Channel only showed him once. But thank goodness David Toms had won this event a couple of times before or else we would have only seen Mickelson and Harrington the whole time. At least Mickelson was doing fairly well. And they did show Robert Allenby a few times, but that's only because they secretly want him to lose another tournament in which he contends because they can drag that out for a couple of days and really make him feel bad.

I had a John Daly ban going on here but since he seems to be earnestly trying to be a good boy, I'll mention him. He's looking much younger and much healthier these days since he's lost the weight and cleaned up his act. I hope he keeps this up.

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