Sunday, June 28, 2009

Round Up

Nick Dougherty won over in Germany on the European Tour. I watched a little bit of this while at Mom and Dad's. But I confess I fell asleep. That happens when you get up at 5am.

And Kenny Perry won the Traveler's Championship on the PGA Tour. This is his 5th win since June 1 of last year. CBS showed a graphic that said this means he's got two more wins than Tiger and some other players during the same time frame. I don't know if Perry will get to 20 wins by the time he's 50 but you know he's going to try his best. And I love how he still gets emotional when he wins. Some players who win are just matter of fact about it and you don't get to see how human they might be. But with Kenny Perry, you can see how every win, every loss, every shot even matters to him. It really brings pro golf down to the basic elements which allow the fans to relate to the players. And it takes the money out of it, which is always good.

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