Thursday, April 13, 2006

First Round Observations

I always liked the Heritage tournament. I remember Hale Irwin, Payne Stewart, and Davis Love always doing well there. Today, Brad Faxon and Paul Azinger did pretty well. Vaughn Taylor did really well with a 63. Nick Faldo didn't do well at all. Camillo Villegas is back this week and Jose Maria Olazabal is still here. This will be a good tournament to watch. I hope I get to see a lot of it. Phoebe keeps me pretty busy with the housebreaking. Don't ask how it's going.

As for the LPGA event, I'm watching a bit of it now. Some really good players are playing this week. Two things I'd like to say about the ladies: 1. It annoys me when they have their caddies line them up on the tee. You don't see Steve Williams lining Tiger up. 2. Why would a woman want to play on the men's tour when it gets hot? She would probably have to wear pants and that is just too uncomfortable in 90 degree heat.

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