Sunday, November 01, 2009

Some Golf Was Played

Even though the US PGA Tour event was called for rain, there were two other events to follow over on the European Tour - the Volvo World Matchplay and the Singapore Open. I was quite happy to see Ross Fisher win the World Matchplay. Well, I didn't see him win. But I did read about it. And Ian Poulter won the Singapore Open.

I'm happy that daylight savings time is over. I didn't like going to Walmart at 7am and it being dark outside. At least now it will seem like I'm out at a decent hour when I shop before work.

I want to know how many school kids have been hit by vehicles while waiting for the bus these extra weeks we've had to live under Daylight Savings Time. It's my firm belief that the Congress people who voted to extend it don't wake up until 8am or later and have no idea when it actually gets light out.

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