Thursday, October 16, 2008

Second Surgery for Seve

Internet reports claim doctors in Spain had to perform a second procedure on Seve Ballesteros after he suffered some swelling in the brain following the removal of the tumor discovered last week. Said reports state Seve is in stable condition following the operation to address the swelling. This complication is not uncommon in these situations. In fact, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman performed a similar procedure - yes, that's fiction, but if it makes it on to a tv show set in the 1860s/1870s then it has to be pretty common.

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Rob Turner at Blog said...

I think of all the Seve magic shots the one that seems to be the most incredible shot is the shot mentioned by Golf Correspondent, Mark Garrod in one of the websites about the ’93 European Masters is one of the best Seve stories I have heard. Just the way he explains that shot conjures up vivid images of how difficult that shot must have been and the way Seve played it. One thing is for sure only he could have done it, no one else ! And the quote that followed “I always try and look forward”, a real classic!

At least the first bit of news coming out of the hospital that he is alright is definitely welcome news. One hope he gets back to being up and about at the earliest. I believe even guys like Paul Azinger, a one time fierce competitor and rival has tried to get in touch with Seve to express his support. Stories like that are always good to hear.