Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lucky Me

Lucky me, I took tomorrow and Friday off so I have four days in a row of non-work life. Yay!! I'm going shopping tomorrow so I won't be watching the European Tour, but hopefully I'll be home Friday to watch it.

Unlucky me: I found something quite disturbing on the program guide of my Dish Network service. It's apparently a channel devoted to the Barack Obama campaign. I'm not a fan of Obama and won't be supporting him for President, but just because I subscribe to Dish Network (as previously established on this blog only for the Golf Channel), I'm being subjected to this political crap. You know some spin doctor is going to say that everyone who has Dish Network supports Obama, when in reality, we simply purchase a product from Dish Network and Dish Network is giving us the Obama crap for free because no one in their right minds would actually pay to hear him spout off a bunch of rhetoric. That's what CNN is for should we so wish to follow the Presidential race. And FYI - I don't want an all McCain channel either. If they want to give me something for free, they can cut my bill by as little as $2.00 a month. That would be something their customers would really appreciate. Of course they would cut the bill and then say "brought to you buy Obama", thereby subtly suggesting that we should thank Obama with a vote.

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