Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Golf Digest Magazine

I got the latest issue this morning because it had Nick Faldo on it with the Ryder Cup Preview. Well, I take exception to something in the magazine. Hard to believe, I know. Here's what I object to:

Jack Nicklaus says "Europe has a lot of good players and a host of very promising young guys. But who among them has a great record?"

It sounds like he's saying the European Team doesn't have any players with winning records.

Sergio has a 14-4-2 record in the Ryder Cup. He's 8-0-0 in foursomes.

The Americans are just jealous of Sergio.


Tony at TheGolfSpace.com said...

Jealous of Sergio.. haha.

I'm jealous because I can't spit in the hole as well as he can.

Rob Turner said...

I think it would become increasingly hard for the Golden Bear to back his comments with solid facts. The fact of the matter is that there is a very clear power shift taking place and the fulcrum of the golfing world is moving towards Europe. It has been evident in the many one sided results we have seen in the last few Ryder Cups and with the like of Harrington and Garcia performing so well at the biggest stage one would be hardpressed to think that the U.S.A. can take credit for churning out the best players. In fact if you were to remove Tiger from the pack (after all he isn’t from the United States, he is from a whole different planet altogether!!) you cannot find any American Golfer who falls in the category of “ Having a great record”.

For a long time competition in Golf always meant Woods and Mickelson but I think it would be safe to say that Mickelson is over the hill as he has failed to capitalize during the absence of Tiger. The real competition that Tiger will face is from the many good players and host of promising guys that Europe has to offer.

Give them time and you will also find many of their CV’s having, what would be called a great record.

Miranda said...

Can you cuss on camera and in front of little kids as well as Tiger?