Monday, September 05, 2011

The Long and Short of It

So, I haven't blogged since Bridgestone. What's happened since? Keegan Bradley won the PGA which kicked off a debate over long putters that's lasted way, way too long.  My opinion on the long putters is this: Check out the putting stats on Short putters lead the stats.  Therefore, long putters do no give the player an unfair advantage. The only way a putter has that kind of impact on the game is if the game is Putt Putt Golf.

Presidents Cup also made the news in the last month with Fred Couples announcing that Tiger Woods is on the team even though qualifying isn't even over yet. Nice way to disrespect all of the other golfers competing for places on the team. I don't usually get too excited about the Presidents Cup and this decision by Couples didn't do anything to change that for me. I just hope the Captains refrain from pitting Woods and Scott against each other. Since I can't rely on Couples to make a good decision there, then I shall have to appeal to the good sense that Greg Norman might have. There's been a huge debate as to whether or not Tiger should be on the team. Some say yes because of what he used to be in Golf (meaning someone who would play 15 times a year as opposed to someone who doesn't play at all now). Some say no because his game isn't competitive and can't possibly help the team win. I think the answer to this debate is to define what the Presidents Cup's purpose is.  If the purpose of the match-up is to compete and have winners and losers then Woods certainly shouldn't be on the team. If the purpose, however, is to sell tickets and produce a sham of a 'competition' which insults the intelligence of the fans, then yes, put Woods on the team. I was under the impression from past Presidents Cup contests that the purpose was to identify winners and losers. I must have missed a memo.

Hurricane Irene shortened one of the FedEx Cup playoff events. That was a wise decision made by someone. And it looks like the PGA Tour will dodge the rain from former Tropical Storm Lee with this week's tournament wrapping up today. Some folks were complaining that if the playoff events were played out west, they wouldn't have had the weather problems they experienced last week. I bet there would have been a tornado, landslide, forest fire or some other natural disaster to get in the way of the events if they had been staged out west. Weather is everywhere. You just have to accept what you get. Plus, get some sponsors to make events out west possible and maybe you'll have a point.  Shall I mention the fall of the International? A good tournament on a great course with a unique scoring system, no longer being contested because of various factors, such has sponsorship and the Kiss Tiger's Butt and pray he gives you an interview element - remember Tiger's event took the place of the International on the schedule. Haha, until the Greenbrier next year. That's funny.

Solheim Cup is coming up. I don't watch much of this either but it was nice to see Ryann O'Toole was named to the team. She's had a strong year and should shake things up during the competition. I want to see Paula Creamer's new little puppy dressed up in Solheim Cup outfits.

The Vivendi Trophy is coming up in a couple weeks. GB & I versus the rest of Europe. Paul McGinley and Jean Van de Velde are the captains and Jose Maria Olazabal is keeping a close eye on the event as it was so closely tied to Seve Ballesteros and is an early indicator for the Ryder Cup. I hope I can check out some of this competition because it looks like it would be very good.

Thomas Bjorn has won twice in a row on the European PGA Tour. A popular double win on tour judging from all of the tweets I've seen on Twitter.

And finally, in the latest issue of Golf Magazine you have articles on Luke Donald and Erik Compton. This issue is worth buying.


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