Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Great Open

I watched most of the final round of the British Open today and was thrilled to see Louis Oosthuizen win. The announcers kept saying that he'd come from nowhere and no one knew who he was. Well, if you watch the European Tour coverage, you know who Louis Oosthuizen is. The US announcers just need to do their homework a little better. They get a little lazy, only studying up on Woods and Mickelson.

It was a sad day for Paul Casey. I was really hoping he would take it to Oosthuizen since I doubted the others could make up that many shots to be in contention. But even though that didn't happen, the final round was a good one to watch.

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The Golf Blogger said...

Not so sure it was a great Open. I kept waiting for the fireworks. But it's always nice to see someone win who isn't one of the "usual suspects."

It's true that US sportscasters don't pay attention to the European Tour, but in this case, I don't think even European golf fans would have predicted Oosthuizen. He apparently was a 200-1 shot in the betting houses.