Friday, October 23, 2009

Checking out Stats

I got curious about the PGA Tour money list so I checked it out. I can't bring myself to report on Brad Faxon's current standing. It makes me pretty sad. But here are some other observations:

David Duval is hovering around the 120 mark. Let's all send him some positive thoughts and prayers and hope that he can finish in the top 125.

Lee Janzen is around 96 or so. That has to be a 'feel good' story that should get some good press, but probably won't.

George McNeill is approx 87th currently. So much for those renegades who have the nerve to say that the only way to get on the PGA Tour should be through the Nationwide Tour - no more Q-School. McNeill won Q-School a couple of years ago and here he is, still here.

Jeff Overton doesn't need to worry about his card this year. Or his appendix. He's currently 82nd.

Fred Couples is around 71st on the list. That's exceptional for Fred. I just hope he has one more great week at the Masters. If anyone deserves a second major, it's Fred.

Several players have played 29 weeks so far, but Brian Davis is currently heading that category with 30 weeks. Still don't feel sorry for any of them when they claim they 'need an off-season'.

I don't know how much volatility there is with the list, but I'd say if a player isn't 95th or better, he might be thinking of trying to earn a few extra dollars.

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