Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My boss's brother came through with some Ryder Cup souvenirs. I was 'allowed' to have the Ryder Cup Official Journal (the book that tells about the history of the Ryder Cup and the current teams), the PGA Media Guide which details the history of the PGA and all of the PGA events (the PGA Championship, Senior PGA, Ryder Cup, etc) and my choice of either the divot tool or a ball marker. I chose the ball marker. My boss said his brother tried to get some autographs of the European team but they weren't signing. That's understandable, I'm sure they weren't in a happy mood. I don't know when they were asked, but after a week of the crowds reportedly yelling obscenities at them and their families and calling their rooms at all hours, the European team was probably happy to see Kentucky in their proverbial rear view mirror.

So, I got to gaze at really nice pictures of Sergio and Jose Maria today while I was at work. That was more than pleasant. It almost made the 8 hours I spent at work bearable.


Anonymous said...

I'm just a golfer from Nashville who literally stumbled onto your site. Well done!

I did go to Thursday's practice round and the
Euro players were graciously signing tons of autographs. An Irish friend of mine brought me a signed cap ... Paddy's sig right across the brim.

If the PGA goes to "English Only," Boo is in deep trouble!


mediaguru @ hookedongolfblog.com said...

If you dig the European Ryder Cup team I'll send you a golf grip with their logo on it...